Card Sorting

Card Sorting

By Douglas Reynolds

Friday 9th December 2016

Card sorting is a powerful technique which allows software developers and businesses to create user experience and user interface with the intention of improving information architecture.

Focus group participants will be asked to sort cards into categories and clusters based on their own perception of what is important and valuable in a user's experience. The way the cards are sorted by participants informs the construction of UX models and information architecture, allowing for improved user experience and, overall, a better product.

You can use data and comments to find patterns in the cards, identifying the strengths of relationships and cross referencing with other factors, such as what participants said as they were sorting. Data is presented in dendograms and cluster analyses can be performed to provide further insight.

Ask participants to create their own category names (called open card sorting) or have designated category names prepared in advance (closed card sorting). The results can be interpreted and will inform the structure and user journey of websites, apps, physical premises and more.

Card sorting is also a great way for consultants to work with business clients to establish their needs and goals, creating a richer working relationship for both parties.

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