Some doodles drawn on a Dry Erase Card


By Douglas Reynolds

Friday 3rd March 2017

Are you somebody who likes to draw doodles? You can use Dry Erase Cards over and over again to extend your creativity and keep drawing doodles to your hearts content. Perhaps keep a stack of cards next to the phone or on your desk to doodle on whenever you get the urge without having to feel bad.

A study published in the scientific journal Applied Cognitive Psychology found that doodling can help improve memory and gives just enough energy to keep you from daydreaming, which requires a lot of brain processing power. Doodling actually acts as a mediator between the levels of thinking too much or thinking too little, helping to focus on the current situation.

At Dry Erase Cards HQ we love a good doodle and we often post ours as well as ours fans creations on our twitter! If you would like to have a go and have a chance to get featured then you can also. We recently made a web app that allows you to draw and submit your doodles online to us.

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