Reusable Place Cards

Reusable Place cards

By Douglas Reynolds

Friday 23rd December 2016

Use Dry Erase Cards as a reusable place card for weddings and other events. A place card is usually piece of paper indicating what table a guest at an event, such as a wedding or banquet, is assigned to sit. You might of already have used you Dry Erase Cards for the event when planning where the people are going to sit, you can also use them again to show them where!

Dry Erase Cards make an excellent place card because they are reusable and versatile. If you are somebody who needs to use place cards a lot then you can keep reusing them over and over.

When planning an event such as a wedding, Dry Erase Cards can be a useful tool to help in lots of different aspects of planning and function. From the planning stage right to the actual event.

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