Dry Erase Card Custom Jigsaw


By Douglas Reynolds

Friday 3rd February 2017

Create a fun dry erase jigsaw puzzle. You can use as many of the 30 dry erase cards as you like to create the picture by putting them together in a grid formation side to side and then drawing your picture across them all. Once you are done then it is time to mix them up! Challenge yourself to put it them back together to recreate the image you made at the start.

Because Dry Erase Cards are reusable, you can do this again and again, adding different bits to your image or starting again from scratch!

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Dry Erase Cards

30 Mini Whiteboards

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Dry erase cards are a simple, easy-to-use multifunctional resource to help you improve your day-to-day living, whether it’s at home, work, or in the classroom.