30 Mini Whiteboards
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Encourage Participation

Bring shy students and colleagues out of their shells by encouraging them to use Dry Erase Cards to participate in group discussions, brainstorming sessions and classes. Less confident individuals feel more comfortable when they’re not on the spot, or the centre of attention. Dry Erase Cards can help members of the group speak out without being overpowered by others, or feeling nervous. For teachers, these can be a particularly useful tool for keeping boisterous classes under control and limiting the opportunity to shout-out an answer.

A stack of 30 Dry Erase Cards

30 Mini Whiteboards

Dry Erase Cards being used as Reusable Flashcards

Dry Erase and Reusable

Dry Erase Cards being written on with the supplied pen

Create with the supplied Pen

A Dry Erase Card being erased with the supplied eraser

Erase with the supplied Eraser

Example: Focus groups and brainstorming sessions.

Dry Erase Cards can be great for quick answers in focus groups and brainstorming sessions

Step 1

Give each member of the group a card and ask them to take it in turns to write down one-word responses to quick fire questions. Try some of these to start you off:

  • “If you could describe last week’s event in one word, what would it be?”
  • “What’s your biggest goal for the next year in one word?”
  • “What’s the most striking thing about this product?”
An audience writing answers on Dry Erase Cards with a teacher asking questions

Step 2

Ask a couple of participants to explain their answers to get the conversation started.

A participant explaining the answer written on the Dry Erase Card

What will Dry Erase Cards do for you?

The key to Dry Erase Cards’ genius is all in how you use them. These miniature business card-sized whiteboards are a dynamic take on typical labelling, organisation and planning systems, and a multitude of other diverse uses that we haven’t even thought of yet.

The goal is to simplify the little things in your daily life at work, study or home – chores, list-making, revision and more – to help you concentrate on the things that really matter. The cards are also a great sustainable alternative to paper, too! Do away with post-it notes, shopping lists, and flash cards, and discover what Dry Erase Cards can do for you.

30 x Dry Erase Cards

1 x Bullet Tip WB SL® Dry-Erase Marker

1 x Mini Sponge Eraser

1 x Storage Pouch

30 mini whiteboards, pouch, pen and eraser laid out to show the contents of Dry Erase Cards

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