30 Mini Whiteboards
with Pen and Eraser

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Organise your Life

If you’re a student, try planning your next essay or piece of coursework, using Dry Erase Cards to build and manipulate the structure of your work as you go. In the work place, use Dry Erase Cards for kinaesthetic representations of goals. Work with clients to visualise the customer journey and other aspects of business.

A stack of 30 Dry Erase Cards

30 Mini Whiteboards

Dry Erase Cards being used as Reusable Flashcards

Dry Erase and Reusable

Dry Erase Cards being written on with the supplied pen

Create with the supplied Pen

A Dry Erase Card being erased with the supplied eraser

Erase with the supplied Eraser

Example: Event Planning.

Planning for a big event? Use Dry Erase Cards to create visual representations of floor space, event timetables and more.

Step 1

Try arranging a seating plan with the cards, or assign exhibitors to stalls.

Dry Erase Cards arranged in a seating plan.

Step 2

Edit as you go. The great thing about Dry Erase Cards is, you can chop and change your decisions as much as you like, without over-complicating your planning.

The seating plan being edited as Dry Erase Cards are moved around.

What will Dry Erase Cards do for you?

The key to Dry Erase Cards’ genius is all in how you use them. These miniature business card-sized whiteboards are a dynamic take on typical labelling, organisation and planning systems, and a multitude of other diverse uses that we haven’t even thought of yet.

The goal is to simplify the little things in your daily life at work, study or home – chores, list-making, revision and more – to help you concentrate on the things that really matter. The cards are also a great sustainable alternative to paper, too! Do away with post-it notes, shopping lists, and flash cards, and discover what Dry Erase Cards can do for you.

30 x Dry Erase Cards

1 x Bullet Tip WB SL® Dry-Erase Marker

1 x Mini Sponge Eraser

1 x Storage Pouch

30 mini whiteboards, pouch, pen and eraser laid out to show the contents of Dry Erase Cards

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